In the Spring of 2020 I finally felt like I had enough time and knowledge to go ahead and purchase my own bees. I had taken the time to find the perfect location, prepared my equipment, and mentally prepared. Please remember that I have at this point worked at a commercial size apiary for almost 2 years. Being a beekeeper takes more knowledge than anyone might think that you just set up a beehive and that's it. There is pest management, biology, feeding and wintering, seasonal changes, swarming, and many more things to familiarize yourself with. 

I am currently looking to expand my locations and hives. If you are in the Stratford Area and want me to host bee hives on your property please reach out to me at:

Swarming is common in late June early July.

If you believe you have a swarm of honey bees please send me a picture of the swarm ( as soon as you see it and I will do my best to come and remove it. In the email please include your name, location (ie. Stratford, St. Marys, Woodstock) as well as your phone number.