In the Spring of 2020 I finally felt like I had enough time and knowledge to go ahead and have my own bees. I had taken the time to find the perfect location, prepared my equipment, and mentally prepared. Please remember that I have at this point worked at a commercial size apiary for almost 2 years. Being a beekeeper takes more knowledge than anyone might think that you just set up a beehive and that's it. There is pest management, biology, feeding and wintering, seasonal changes, swarming, and many more things to familiarize yourself with. In May 2020 I rescued my first established hive in a shed, all of my hives are rescued by myself. 

If you see a swarm or have honey bee's on your property please contact me: 519-801-9050. They are very docile, please don't ever spray them.

Please note I do not sell bee's or offer pollinator services. 

Swarming is common in late June early July.

If you believe you have a swarm of honey bees please send me a picture of the swarm at as soon as you see it and I will do my best to come and remove it. Please fill out the form below with your name, location, (ie. Stratford, St. Marys, Woodstock), and phone number.