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Lady Green Inc.

Dream Weaver Crystal Candle


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These Crystal Candles were a long time coming collab with my bud Desiree from Desiree Dawn Designs.


Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver was created to help support us in our dreamwork and induce magical lucid dreams. It has a big ole hunk of Howlite to help us chill out and drift off to sleep, it's great for calming an overactive mind, and helps with journies outside of the body and preparing the mind to receive wisdom.
Amethyst helps us tune into higher states of consciousness, activates our third eye chakra, enhances our intuition and psychic gifts. It facilitates out of body experiences and brings intuitive dreams.
Kyanite stimulates psychic abilities and intuition, this spiritual stone helps us connect to our spirit guides, promotes healing dreams and assists with dream recall. This high vibe stone will not hold onto negativity, so it never requires cleansing. This stone is water-soluble, so rise off the wax quickly! I really tried my best to make these candles all with water safe stones, but Kyanite wasn't having it, she needed to be a part of this candle to help us all have some rad healing dreams.
Quartz amplifies it all! It attunes us to our spiritual purpose, enhances any psychic abilities, and brings the body back to balance.
Sprinkled with a dash of mugwort (to enhance lucid dreaming and dream recall), fresh lavender (to increase relaxation, soothe the nervous system, and help us drift off to sleep) and infused with a few drops of a dreamy blend of essential oils to help you drift off.

Dream Weaver Ritual Tip

Light this candle when you start your nightly bedtime routine. Create the space and intentions for whatever it is you wish to achieve in your dream work. This would be a great time to add a short meditation before bed to your nightly ritual! Set your intention and really feel it! Make sure you put this sucker out before drifting off to other realms! I'd keep a notebook handy! I love to write my question or intention in it before I go to sleep. Grab your notebook as soon as you wake up and just start writing! Don't worry about editing or correcting spelling, you can do this later, just get it all out! What messages did you receive?

PS! The glitter in this candle is biodegradable, I'd never create anything that would hurt our Mama Earth, so Earth Friendly biodegradable glitter was the only option here! 


Why Soy?

 Soy wax has no toxins! It burns cleaner than paraffin wax and does not release dangerous carcinogens into the air. It leaves behind minimal soot. If you do notice your soy candle starting to produce some soot, try trimming the wick. Keeping your wick short will keep the amount of soot it produces to a minimum. 

Soy Wax is earth friendly! Soy wax is a vegetable byproduct, it's made from soybeans, so it's 100% biodegradable and a natural and renewable resource.

Soy Wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax, meaning Soy Wax Candles burn 30%-50% longer!

Things you might want to know..

  • 100% Cotton Wicks
  • Organic Soy Wax
  • Approximate burn time: 30 hours
  • We only use 100% pure essential oils, that have been third-party lab tested. No added fragrance, just pure, therapeutic grade oils.
  • The Crystals in each of these candles have been cleansed multiple times, I've loved them up, and given them so much Reiki. I do my absolute best to send them off to you vibing as high as possible. 
  • Each Candle is Hand Poured in small batches right here in Stratford by me! Desiree has Reikid the crap out of all these crystals, she cleanses and Reiki each Candle all over again, before I carefully pack it up with love and ship it off to you! 
  • Made with lots of love, intention and magic